Fullerton Wine Course: Wine 101

  • Oct 26
  • Date

    October 26
  • Time

  • Location

    Fullerton Pettygrove Pop-up Tasting Room

Event description

Wine can be intimidating. With hundreds of varietals, Old World and New World styles with unique terminology and labelling rules, weird tasting descriptors (asphalt, mint, green pepper—really?), and common misconceptions galore, our Wine 101 session offers guests a comfortable and informative tour through the world of wine and winegrowing.

A wine course for both wine novices and more experienced tasters alike, we'll learn about core global varietals, labelling differences around the world, winemaking basics, tasting wine, common misconceptions, and more during this two-hour course. We will taste a selection of Fullerton Wines plus carefully selected wines from near and far that demonstrate their varietal, region, and style. You don't want to miss this opportunity to expand your horizons, gain confidence, and learn with the Fullerton Team.